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Terms and Conditions of registering for the Labuan Ultra Marathon 2020


  1. You must complete the marked course on foot unassisted under your own power.  A competitor may not seek the assistance of another competitor or non-competitor in the form of physical assistance or transportation in any manner to officially finish the event.

  2. All competitors participate in this event with the understanding this is an extreme event and must be sufficiently fit and conditioned to compete in this event. The heat in Labuan Island can be extremely hazardous to individuals who are neither conditioned nor to the heat which may at times exceed 35-43 degrees celcius. 

  3. The Race Director reserves the right to stop or delay the start of the event in the interest of safety. He also has the right to introduce a mandatory cooling off/rest period for all runners during the event if need be. If a mandatory cooling off period/rest period is introduced, it will be done consistently for all runners by category if such a measure needs to be done and runners will be stopped for an x amount of time at a water station before they are allowed to leave having rested and have access to ice and water if temperatures on the island exceed 35 degrees celcius during the event or based on the race director's assessment. Safety is paramount for the wellbeing of all runners.

  4. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in good health and that you do not have any illness that will hinder your ability to compete in this extreme event.  It is your responsibility to monitor your health and condition during the event and to withdraw from the event if you are no longer physically able to continue. We highly recommend all competitors complete a health screening with a doctor and to be certified fit to participate in this extreme event.

  5. Your final time will be recorded manually and via a timing chip scanning system. 

  6. Trekking poles are permitted for use.

  7. Your race number must be visible at all times on the outside of your clothing (on ). Any runner who competes during the race their race bib hidden will be penalized (30 minute for first infringement/1 hour for second infringement/disqualification for third infringement). 

  8. Any runner who competes without their race bib will be disqualified. 

  9. The use of headphones is not permitted for this event for safety reasons.

  10. Always run/walk facing traffic unless you have been directed by a marshal to cross an intersection. All runners are responsible for checking both sides of the road before crossing over. It is always the runner’s responsibility to ensure it is safe to cross the road at intersections regardless if there is a marshal present. Never assume there are no vehicles approaching and/or the vehicle approaching will give way to a runner.

  11. You must ensure you are scanned at each Water Station and at the START at least 30 minutes before the start of the event and immediately as you cross the FINISH line.   

  12. If you withdraw from the event, you must do so at a Water Station. If you have your own transport to pick you up, you must inform the marshal that you are withdrawing from the event and he or she will cut your wrist band that will be used for scanning and will take possession of that id tag. If you do not have your own transportation, you will be picked up by a sweeper vehicle and sent back to the START/FINISH line at intervals.  

  13. Support crews are not permitted to run with or pace runners. They are not allowed to utilize motorized or unmotorized vehicles to pace runners nor to use vehicles to pace or follow or lead runners. Any such acts will result in an immediate disqualification of runner or runners. 

  14. Support crews are not allowed to provide food, drink, change of equipment such as shoes tas replacements from the moment the event starts for a category and until the runner crosses the finish line. This is a NON-SUPPORTED event which means the participation of a supporter is limited to cheering from the side of the road. Any runner found to have received aid or assistance or items to assist/aid a runner including drinking water/other nutrition drinks/foods/gels or equipment will be immediately disqualified.  

  15. If you need First Aid assistance, please call the EMERGENCY CONTACT LINE or send an SMS advising your bib number, location and the nature of the emergency if for some reason you cannot contact the EMERGENCY NUMBER due to poor connectivity. We will respond.  Or request assistance from fellow runners to contact the emergency hotline.

  16. You must stay on the marked route and follow the signages at all major intersections. Runners may not deviate from the race course route. Any infractions may incur an immediate disqualification or time penalty.

  17. A basic mandatory list for all runners has been introduced for the event. Runners accept they are ultimately responsible for their own wellbeing. For the sake of fairness to other runners there will also be a penalty ranging from a time penalty to disqualification based on the severity of the breach and number of missing items from the Mandatory kit list for all categories of the event if runners are found to be missing key items during inspection during the event.

  18. The cut off times imposed for this event are fair and for runners who are conditioned and have trained for the distance they plan on running.. No competitor will be allowed to continue if they miss specific cut off times during the event. The cut off times cater for average paced runners who are trained and conditioned for the distance they plan on running and it is the responsibility of runners who sign up for the Labuan Ultra Marathon to be able to meet those cut off times on the race course.  

  19. Littering is prohibited. Please dispose of rubbish at any WS or at the START/FINISH line rubbish bins. 

  20. Runners may stop at designated toilets for toilet breaks. Please bring your own toilet paper and wet tissue for hygiene purposes.

  21. It is the responsibility of competitors to ensure they have completed the mandatory kit checks during official registration for the event. For Labuan Ultra Marathon 2019, all runners must attend the registration process and mandatory kit inspection in person. We are unable to release race bibs and race timing chips/id wrist bands to third parties. 

  22. Runners who withdraw from the event or do not turn up for the event can request for the organizer to ship their event tee after the race to them by POS LAJU if they inform us in advance of the event date or within 30 days before or after the end of the event. All spare event tee’s will be disposed of by the organizer after the 30 day period is over after the event date. No refunds will be issued for runners who do not show up for the event or who have withdrawn from the event.

  23. All complaints or appeals must be filed within 30 minutes of the end of the race. This can be done via email to the official email address of the organizer or via a letter that is readable. A payment of RM50 must be submitted together with an appeal by a participant. If the application for appeal or complaint is deemed to be legitimate, the RM50 will be refunded within 7 days of the end of the event. All appeals/complaints filed will be reviewed by the organizer and an official decision made known within 7 days or less to the person filing the appeal. No social media or watsapp complaints or appeals will be entertained.hand written

  24. All runners may request a 100% refund within 7 days of registering and paying to participate in the event. 

  25. This event is organized by Avta Sports Sdn Bhd, formerly known as Adventure Challenge. All payments will be made to or credited to the bank account of Avta Sports Sdn Bhd. Competitors are responsible for checking the official racematix website for the official competitor name list by category to ensure their registrations are confirmed after payment has been made. Runners are responsible in uploading their local bank transfer payment slips to the racematix website to confirm their participation in the event and to ensure their status is CONFIRMED for the event.

  26. Runners must have started and completed the event over the full distance in order to earn an official finisher medal and official finisher tee (50k/24k only) within the set cut off times. 

  27. Runners wishing to do a "bib swap" may request to do so up to 10th July 2019. An admin fee of RM20 must be paid before a change is initiated for each change of name/gender of competitors. Please note event tee sizing can only be changed up to 10th July 2019. No bib swap requests will be entertained there after as the competitor name list will be deemed to be the final list of competitors participating in the event as the final list needs to be submitted to various authorities both domestic and in Semenanjung Malaysia to certify and endorse the event in order for us to attain a license to organize the event and also to attain the neccessary insurance coverage for runners.

  28. Basic domestic insurance coverage is provided for all runners participating in the event. For foreign or international runners, we recommend purchasing travel insurance for the event to safeguard your needs in the event of an emergency